By eating well we help the Planet

SU-EATABLE LIFE, a three-year project financed by the EU LIFE program, aims to reduce the environmental impact (CO2 eq. emissions and water consumption) related to our food choices, by engaging EU citizens to adopt a healthier and more sustainable diet.

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The project numbers

Within the three years of the project, we aim to reach the following outcomes:

Tons of CO2 eq. saved


M3 of water saved


People informed


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The project timeline

Feb 24 2022

SU-EATABLE LIFE Final Conference | Online

The Su-Eatable Life final conference took place on ZOOM.

During the conference, the results obtained through the application of the Su-Eatable Life programme in company and university canteens in 2019-2021 have been presented, with description of practical tools and solutions developed by Su-Eatable Life to foster the adoption of healthier and more sustainable eating habits.

Watch the video of the event here.

Feb 12 2022

Podcast | Zero Waste Kode

Emily Shankar (The Sustainable Restaurant Association) presented the SU-EATABLE LIFE project and pilot engagement activities in canteens during a dedicated episode of the Zero Waste Kode podcast by GreenKode.

Listen to the podcast here.

Dec 7 2021

Presentation | Good Food Makers by Blu1877

Katarzyna Dembska (Project Nutrition Advisor) presented the SU-EATABLE LIFE project to Good Food Makers, a global accelerator for startups by Blu1877, Barilla’s venture group.

Nov 15 2021

Online conference | New European Bauhaus - LIFE platform meeting

Laura Bouwman (Wageningen University) presented the SU-EATABLE LIFE project as best practice during the session "How to monitor and measure behavioral change? Projects that are successful in bringing about measurable change" hosted within the LIFE platform meeting on the New European Bauhaus organized by NEEMO and DG-ENV.

Watch the event here.