March 5 2019

Newsletter 01 - February, 2019

Sustainability begins with food, by making informed dietary choices.

Everything we eat – whether it is a salad, an ice cream, a steak or a slice of bread – has an impact on the environment, which is often invisible to people. However, by making informed food choices we can also help the Planet.

How can sustainable diets help us to fight climate change? The EU food chain is carbon-intensive, accounting for about 30% of GHG emissions and is intensive also in terms of water use. Adopting a healthy and sustainable diet could save up to 2,900g of CO2 eq. per person a day, and could significantly reduce our water footprint, which depends for 90% on what we eat.

The SU-EATABLE LIFE project, a three-year initiative funded by the European Commission, has precisely this scope: to demonstrate that it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions and the water footprint related to food consumption, by increasing citizens’ awareness and involvement through targeted interventions in company and university canteens based on the use of a smart and easy-to-use digital information system.

The project aims to highlight that changing people’s eating habits can simultaneously benefit their health and the environment. It has the ambition to involve different stakeholders, such as schools, universities, municipalities, local markets, NGO organisations as well as the public at large.

The SU-EATABLE LIFE project is lead by BCFN Foundation, in partnership with greenApes, Wageningen University and the Sustainable Restaurant Association.


How knowledgeable are you about sustainable diets? Take our survey and share your thoughts with us! The survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete and it’s completely anonymous. Click here to participate.

Would you like to follow the project and stay updated on data collected and results achieved? Discover here the upcoming events and how to participate.

Does your organization, your municipality, your school or your university want to actively take part in the project? Contact us.

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