August 31 2020

SU-EATABLE LIFE - Newsletter 4

Discover the first results of the SU-EATABLE LIFE project.

A saving of about half a kilogram of CO2 eqivalent and about 390 litres of virtual water per person per meal has been observed in participating Italian and UK canteens during the first months of the project's experimental phase.

Did you know that a healthy and balanced diet is best not only for our health, but it also tastes delicious and allows us to significantly reduce our impact on the environment?
Eating a balanced diet means not eating too many calories, watching our portion sizes, balancing all the nutrients we need, including lots of daily fruit and vegetables which provide fibres, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, and varying our choices to ensure our diet satisfies our tastes and stays enjoyable.
By following these tips and avoiding food waste, we can create good, healthy and environmental-friendly weekly menus.
The SU-EATABLE LIFE project uses these simple concepts to help people make healthy and sustainable choices in their eating habits, starting from meals eaten in canteens.
The experimental phase of the project started at the beginning of 2020 in various Italian and UK company and university canteens. Despite the Covid-19 crisis, important first results have been calculated. The average environmental impact of users attending canteens participating in the project has in fact significantly decreased, with a saving of about half a kilogram of  CO2 equivalent (carbon footprint) and about 390 litres of virtual water (water footprint) per person per meal, compared to the average impact of a meal consumed by European citizens.

Together we can make a big impact!
It starts from you and your daily choices.

At the canteen, at home and when you shop for food, follow the SU-EATABLE LIFE top tips for a healthy, tasty and sustainable diet.
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Does your organization, your municipality, your school or university want to actively take part in the project?
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